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  1. Full Blossom Bracelet Full Blossom Bracelet
  2. 62% OFF  Classic Halo Design Bracelet  Classic Halo Design Bracelet
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  3. 62% OFF  Asymmetric Tennis Bracelet  Asymmetric Tennis Bracelet
    Special Price $49.00 $129.00
  4. Circle Of Life Bolo Bracelet Circle Of Life Bolo Bracelet
  5.  Romantic Imitated Crystal Bracelet  Romantic Imitated Crystal Bracelet
  6. 30% OFF Arrow and Heart Bolo Bracelet Arrow and Heart Bolo Bracelet
    Special Price $65.00 $93.00
  7. Owlet With Stars Bangle Owlet With Stars Bangle
  8. 28% OFF Heart Leaves Rose Branch Bracelet Heart Leaves Rose Branch Bracelet
    Special Price $70.00 $97.00
  9. Dreamer Opal Bracelet Dreamer Opal Bracelet
  10. Water-Drop Opal Cuff Bracelet Water-Drop Opal Cuff Bracelet
  11. Knot Love Bangle Knot Love Bangle
  12. Stardust Opal Bracelet Stardust Opal Bracelet

Bracelet is a vivid jewelry that is worn around the wrist. This kind of jewelry can date back to 5000 BCE. In the early time, the bracelet is made of bones, stones, woods, as time goes on, the material of bracelet has become richer including metal, pearl, beads, and others. Bracelets symbolize status in some culture too, at the same time, carrying some religious and spiritual interests on its own.

Bracelets are divided into various collections, which we often wear contain bangle, bolo, tennis bracelets. Jeulia distinctive selection of designer bracelets offers simple style, bohemian style, and luxury style at best price. You can find the appropriate one to pair with your exiting jeulia jewelry (including jeulia rings, jeulia necklaces, jeulia earrings). Whether you are selecting a gift for you or your loved one, jeulia bracelet could perfectly complete all of your looks in any occasions.



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