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  1. Love at First Sight Opal Earrings Love at First Sight Opal Earrings
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  2. 33% OFF Sunflower Opal Stud Earrings Sunflower Opal Stud Earrings
    33% OFF
    Black Friday Sale
    Special Price $45.00 $67.00
    $38.25 Now
  3. 30% OFF Sunflower Opal Ring Sunflower Opal Ring
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    Special Price $60.00 $86.00
    $51.00 Now
  4. 32% OFF Floral Opal Ring Floral Opal Ring
    32% OFF
    Black Friday Sale
    Special Price $60.00 $88.00
    $51.00 Now

Jeulia collection is the characteristic jewelry list which gathers all unique jeulia jewelry pieces. Every collection is designed carefully with inner inspiration by our famous designers, and every collection owns the distinctive charming on its own, as well as in Irreplaceable meaning. In here you can appreciate that there is a powerful and creative design team behind jeulia.

Everyday dreamer collection, which is the only opal jewelry collection, and also owns the bohemian style and exotic charm; reveal collection, our two-tone color jewelry selection, implies that lovers owns each other forever and never leave; Serendipity collection, which has a very retro feel compared with others, is created carefully with antique sterling silver; Artemis collection, whether rings or other pieces, highlights remarkably the luxury style through gemstone cut and jewelry color; skull collection & mermaid collection & animal collection, gives the life meaning to what people likes, keeping it alive at our fingertips.



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