Free One-Year Warranty

Jeulia fully stands behind the products we sell. Therefore, all of our products are covered by a one-year warranty starting from the day when the original order was received.


Warranty Terms


1. Customer will be responsible for the shipping fee to send the items back to Jeulia.
2. Customer should make sure that items are safely packed before sending them back. Jeulia will not be responsible for any lost or stolen items.
3. When sending back the items, the customer must use a shipping method that has tracking on it. Packages with no tracking will not be processed.
4. Jeulia reserves the right to void the warranty on any items showing signs of modification, abuse, or damage beyond "normal wear", as determined by our jewelry professionals.
Extended Warranty Plan

Extended Warranty Plan extends bundles your pieces with an affordable protection plan which you add to your purchase during checkout , so your jewelry is covered, even after the manufacturer’s warranty expires.

Our two-year、three-year and five-year Extended Warranty Plan provides additional peace of mind beyond our complimentary manufacturing warranty by protecting and upholding the quality of your jewelry.


Extended Warranty Plan Terms


The extended warranty plan starts on the first day of receipt of your package.

Extended warranty plan price: 2 years, 3 years, 5 years warranty service unit price of 10%, 15%, and 20% of the selling price of the product respectively

1. If you have purchased the extended warranty service, the order initiates an exchange, and you need to make up the difference according to the price of the extended warranty

2. If your order is returned, the cost of the extended warranty on the order will also be fully refunded

3. If your order has not been shipped and you need to add or cancel the extended warranty plan, you can contact our customer service to make up the difference in price.

4. If your order has already been shipped, we will still offer to add or cancel the extended warranty plan within 30 days from the time you receive the order.


Please note: Cancellation of Extended Warranty Plan is not supported more than 30 days after order receipt confirmation.


Self-service repair instructions

Step 1: Initiate repair


Sign in and go to “My Orders” on the dashboard to select the item(s) you want to repair.


Step 2: Receive a repair notification email

Once you initiate the repair (Step 1), you will receive an email titled “Notification of Your Repair Progress from Jeulia” within 48 hours. Within this email, you’ll receive further return instructions.


Step 3: Pack & Ship the item(s)

Enclosed is a copy of your return with the order number, full name, and email address. The package should be shipped pre-paid through a traceable method.


Step 4: Upload the return tracking number

Remember to sign in and upload the return tracking number once the package is shipped back.

Repair Flow