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Jeulia Black Tone 3PC Cushion


Absolutely perfect. I could not have asked for a nicer ring that perfectly matches my personality. And we had it engraved. I am very pleased


Jeulia Simple Princess Cut Sterling


I honestly love this ring and it’s held up so well. I’ve been wearing it as a band for over a year and it still looks amazing. The bottom side does tend to show scratching and wear (4th image is wear after 15 months) so I wish it was diamond studded all the way around but other than that I absolutely love this ring. You’ll get many years of wear out of this. Just make sure you’re cleaning the inside regularly:)


Jeulia Floral Halo Round Cut


My fiance got me this ring, we live in low income housing and are kinda poor so we couldn't afford something too wild so we got one of these engagement rings and it absolutely shocked me how beautiful it is and how beautiful it still looks. We ordered it in October and it took about 3 weeks for them to send it but it's really worth the wait. It also came with a free keychain accessory because we ordered it around Halloween time. Highly recommend to anyone on a budget who still wants quality jewelery.

Lisa Dewey

Jeulia Vintage Octagon Round Cut


I just received the most beautiful ring from Jeulia! Gorgeous!!! Thank you!! ❤️

Lisa D

Jeulia Vintage Octagon Round Cut


This is the most beautiful ring ever! Thank you so much! The shipping was so fast...two days! I could not be happier! Thank you, thank you!! It is absolutely gorgeous! ❤️❤️❤️

Substitute wedding band

Jeulia Split Shank Round Cut


I spontaneously bought this ring because it is so similar to my rose gold wedding band. Now I have a very attractive wedding ring that I can wear without worry. Very fast shipping was unexpected and appreciated


Jeulia Art Deco Round Cut


the ring is beautiful, thank you


Jeulia Vintage Halo Emerald Cut


The ring looks so much better in person. The pictures on the website really dont make it any justice. I wore it for work and everyone was giving me complements. Its a beautiful ring...


Jeulia Personalized Vertical Bar Sterling


Whilst I ove the bar and the quality of the whole thing, I am disappointed that the 18” necklace is actually 16” and you have to fasten it at the very end of the extender to achieve 18”. Makes it very awkward to fasten. I would have ordered a longer chain had I known. Unfortunately you can’t take the bar off and put on a new chain. Frustrating!!


Jeulia Unique Princess Cut Sterling


My husband bought this ring for me & I absolutely love it! It fits perfectly & it is lightweight. He had our wedding date engraved in the ring & that turned out great also! Very happy with this ring!