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Jeulia Rewards Program FAQs
How to join Jeulia Rewards Program?
It’s totally free to join, you don’t have to pay the annual fee, just sign up or buy any products from our site, and you will be automatically enrolled into the Jeulia Rewards Program.
What are Jeulia Points
Jeulia Points are additional bonus points you can earn by completing various activities within your Jeulia account. No matter you want to earn points, or you want to use points, firstly you must login to your Jeulia account.
Free Standard Shipping
The Free Standard Shipping is set with No Minimum, but it is ONLY available for shipping destinations listed below:
How many reward points will I earn for my purchase?
The points you earn for your purchase depends on your membership level.
Silver member will earn the equivalent reward points for the actual amount you spend, gold member will earn double, platinum member will earn quintuple, and diamond member will earn tenfold.
The amount paid via store credits, gift card, reward points or coupons will not be rewarded for any points.
For example, if you actually pay $100 for an order, the points you earn will vary as below:
*Silver level, you earn100 points.
*Gold level, you earn 200 points.
*Platinum level, you earn 500 points.
*Diamond level, you earn 1000 points.
Return Shipping Fee Reimbursement
For gold & higher grade members, we’ll reimburse you $10 Store Credit automatically as the return shipping fee for your first return or exchange, as per request.
Priority Service
The priority service is only available for Diamond level members. All tickets from Diamond level members will receive 7x24 priority services.
How to get the birthday gift credit?
To get the birthday gift credit, you need to login your Jeulia Account first, and add your birth month in the account information before your birth month comes. We will issue the corresponding store credit accordingly in your birth month.
How to upgrade my membership?
Your membership will be automatically upgraded if your total spending reaches the corresponding range within the last 365 days, and membership status will be updated daily.
How to use Jeulia Points?
100 points = $1, after login, you could use them in your shopping cart.
*The discount from the Points cannot exceed 30% of the item Grand Total cost.
*Coupons can be used together with Points to reduce prices.
Will my points expire?
Yes. Points will expire in 365 days since the date of their issue.
My pending points got deducted, why?
There are 3 cases in which pending points could be deducted.
a. If you return the order or a part of it, points will get deducted accordingly.
b. If you cancel the product or reject the order, the points issued for that order will be debited from your account.
c. If your points get expired.
I have multiple accounts at
Can I collect points in my multiple accounts?
No, you can't collect points in multiple accounts. To enjoy the full benefits of the program, we advise you to use a single account to make all your transactions.
I am not able to receive points on placing
an order, why?
If you haven't received any points for the order shipped, please contact us. We will make sure that any discrepancy is resolved at the earliest. Please note you can't receive points for unpaid orders.
How can I complete my account information?
Please login your Jeulia Account and complete the account information under the dashboard.