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Jeulia "Divine Love" Natural Rose Quartz Drop Earrings

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Choose Your Color: Rose Quartz
Product Descriptions
Item#: JEDL0055

PLEASE NOTE: Our crystal stones are natural minerals and each crystal is unique. The internal ice cracks, pits, mineral points, and color differences of natural crystals are all formed naturally and are normal phenomena, which will not affect the efficacy, beauty and value of the crystal at all.

Natural rose quartz is a beautiful peaceful and loving gem that expands your heart space and sends tendrils of softness and joy out into the universe. Peace and love go hand in hand and this is once more where pink rose quartz shines. This gem flushes out negativity, stress, and anxiety – replacing the fear factor in your heart with trust in what the universe has in store. It helps you to attract abundance and to grow in ways that will further help you land in authenticity. With this stone on side, you are better equipped to extend your hand to those around you and become the master of your own making.

Basic Information
Height: 50 mm
Plating Color: