Jeulia Flower Enamel Sterling Silver Ring

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Product Descriptions
Item#: JECC0338
The design of this sterling silver ring is inspired by Van Gogh's book "Almond Blossom". The flower ring is beautifully crafted. Pink apricot flowers and blue branches show Wu Sui's moving vitality. Provides realistic flower beauty effects. At the same time, the subtlety and clarity of the enamel captures all the freshness and purity of the flower. A romantic ring for spring, perfect for women's hands.
Side Stone
Carat Weight: 0.612 ct
Stone Size: 0.9,1.1 mm
Stone Type: Jeulia® Stone
Number of Stones: 39
Stone Color: Aquamarine Blue
Stone Shape: Round
Basic Information
Weight: 3.8 g
Width: 5.3 mm
Height: 2.8 mm
Thickness: 2.8 mm
Material: 925 Silver, 18K Gold/14K Gold/10K Gold/925 Silver
Plating Color: Silver