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Jeulia Hexagonal Sunshine Letter Plate Engraved Personalized Sterling Silver Necklace

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Product Descriptions
Item#: JEPN0461
This hexagonal sunshine letter plate engraved personalized sterling silver necklace is a charming testament to the uniqueness and beauty of individual love. Crafted from pure sterling silver, it shimmers with a warm, natural glow, evoking the radiance of the sun's tender caress. It is a symbol of love that transcends words, a silent declaration of affection that will warm the heart of its recipient for years to come.
Side Stone
Carat Weight: 0.246 ct
Stone Size: 1.7 mm
Stone Type: Jeulia® Stone
Number of Stones: 6
Stone Color: Diamond White
Stone Shape: Round
Necklace Information
Weight: 2.7 g
Width: 16.7 mm
Height: 25.4 mm
Thickness: 3 mm
Material: 925 Silver
Stone Type: Gemstone
Plating Color: Yellow Gold
Length: 400+50 mm