Jeulia "Spiritual Awakening" Winding Design Crescent Moon Natural Black Agate Necklace

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Product Descriptions
Item#: JEDL0013

PLEASE NOTE: Our crystal stones are natural minerals and each crystal is unique. The internal ice cracks, pits, mineral points, and color differences of natural crystals are all formed naturally and are normal phenomena, which will not affect the efficacy, beauty and value of the crystal at all.

The crescent moon represents receptiveness and reflection, power and change. Combined, the tree of life and the moon form a potent symbol of connection and personal development. This necklace features the tree of life, made from copper, winding around a precious gemstone carved and polished into the shape of a crescent moon. Beauty in the gems, black agate is excellent at healing. It offers powerful vibrations, protection, strength, and focus and gives a significant push in life, making you aware of the surroundings. Its serene energies ground the person further, making them wise in their decisions. Wearing jewelry such as a black agate necklace gives you a jolt of energy to get you all started to go after your dreams.

Necklace Information
Weight: 16 g
Width: 32 mm
Height: 47 mm
Plating Color: