Jeulia "Sweet Suger" Sterling Silver Threader Earrings

Product Descriptions
Item#: JEED0113

The temperature of love, perhaps is your mouth curved rise; sweet love, perhaps is the ear heard your gentle breath. Here, you can sweeten your love with adding some sugers. Crafted in sterling silver, each earring features three sugers with pink, blue and light blue stones. It's a sweet gift for you or your loved ones.

Side Stone
Carat Weight: 9.74 ct
Stone Size: 6*8,6*8,6.0 mm
Stone Type: Jeulia® Stone
Number of Stones: 6
Basic Information
Weight: 2.4 g
Width: 7.9 mm
Height: 25.4 mm
Thickness: 3 mm
Plating Color: